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Transport in Prague

  • Single Tickets:
    Adults (+ children older than 15 years) transferable: 20 CZK, non-transferable: 14 CZK
    Children from 6 to 15 years, and large pieces of luggage transferable: 10 CZK, non-transferable: 7 CZK

    Non-transferable tickets are valid for buses and trams for a maximum of 20 minutes for a single journey. They are valid for a maximum of 4 stops on the underground/subway and you can change lines. These tickets are valid for a maximum of 30 minutes. From 20.00 until 5.00 and at the weekends they are valid for 60 minutes.

    Transferable tickets are valid for 75 minutes on every type of public transport (bus, tram, underground/subway, cable car). These tickets are valid for 90 minutes between 20.00–5.00 and at weekends.

      one day for all zones: 120 CZK, reduced 60 CZK
    • 24-hour: 80 CZK / children up to 15 years 40 CZK (valid for zones P and 0)
    • 3-day: 220 CZK
    • one-week: 280 CZK
    • two-week: 320 CZK

  • Transportation zones:
    Prague is divided into five zones. A standard two-zone ticket suffices for movement within the area of the capital city.

    Lost and found:
    Karolíny Světlé 5, Prague 1, 110 00; T: 224 235 085

    Underground / subway

    A: green (Dejvická–Depo Hostivař)
    C: red (Ládví–Háje)
    important stops: Hlavní nádraží (the main railway station), Vyšehrad, Nádraží Holešovice (railway station), Roztyly (bus station), Florenc (the main bus station)
    B: yellow (Zličín- Černý most)
    important stops: Florenc (the main bus station), Anděl (bus station), Smíchovské nádraží (railway station).

    Operates daily, 5.00 until 24.00.


    numbers 1 to 26 operate during the day
    night service: 9 lines from nr. 51 to 59
    The central point for night time tram service is at Lazarská stop.

    Operate daily, 4.30 until 24.00.
    Night service at 30 minute intervals from 0.30 till 4.30.


    180 routes daily and 16 night routes numbered from 502–514 and 601–603.
    Daily service, 4.30 until 24.00.
    Night time service at intervals of 30 minutes from 0.30 until 4.30.


  • Order taxis via a non-stop dispatching service and find out the cost of your ride beforehand
  • Only choose the kind of taxi service vehicles that are equipped with a securely attached roof light with TAXI written on it and that are marked with a registration number, company name, price list with a basic rate, rate per kilometre, and the rate for one minute of waiting
  • Make sure the car has a taxi-fare meter and that it is turned on
  • After you reach your destination always ask for a receipt printed on the printer of the taxi-fare meter, which should also include the kilometres and price.

  • Every company has its own rates.
    The maximum prices are:
    25 CZK per 1 km for trips within Prague,
    A one-off fee of 34 CZK for getting in the taxi,
    5 CZK per 1 minute for waiting.
    Prices may increase during the year. Prices for trips outside of Prague are not limited.

    Boat transport in Prague

    gives you a unique view of the town centre and a pleasant, romantic trip along the Vltava, seeing many tourist attractions on the way.

    Modrý anděl (Blue angel)

    – Driving your car for you: +420/ 737 222 333; +420/ 272 700 202

    Park and ride, Car Parks

    It is better for visitors to Prague to leave their cars at designated park and ride stops, indicated by the P+R sign, and to continue by public transport.
    The park and ride car parks are located along underground/ subway lines:
    line A (Skalka)
    line B (Zličín, Nové Butovice, Palmovka, Rajská zahrada, Černý most)
    line C (Nádraží Holešovice, Opatovice)
    In the city centre, there are multi-storey car parks and guarded car parks. Paid parking in the centre is divided into three zones:
    Orange – max. 2 hours
    green – max. 6 hours (both zones have parking ticket machines)
    blue – only for residents and local companies dispaying a parking pass.

    Please note: ilegally parked cars will be clamped or towed away. Do not leave valuable items visible in cars outside guarded parking areas.